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what makes
us special

At the Aram Academy you are welcome in the world of project, management and control where thousands of students
started their careers. A place where skills are learned, and competencies are trained.
Education for people who think ahead, are cost-conscious, collaborate, analyze, advise, and do not fall into a trap.
Global citizens who are ambitious and want to make projects a success.
It starts with the Aram Academy.

educational business unit of aram project consultants

The Aram Academy is the Educational Business Unit of the Aram Group, an international organization with headquarters in the Netherlands. The companies within the Aram Group are specialized as Knowledge Providers in Project Management, Project Control, Engineering, Business Consulting and Procurement Service. Every day the Aram Professionals work on the most complex projects in the world.

Aram Planning Consultants BV
Aram Software & Consultancy BV

learning today for a better tomorrow.

We support these educational charities

Education is one of the most crucial investments that we can make. That is why the Aram Academy supports educational goals. For example, we work with Correctbooks and thereby support a prize-winning social enterprise that fights against global illiteracy. Together with we evaluate our courses. A euro is donated to the Edukans foundation for each course evaluation. This foundation works on good education in developing countries.

hand in hand we learn

Ready for the 21 century:

21st century skills are competences that students need to successfully participate in the society of the future. These include skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, basic ICT skills, information skills, computational thinking and media literacy.

Gaining an advantage:

To prepare you well for the 21st century society, these skills gave been given a place in the didactic model. We offer all kinds of tools to deal with these skills. This not only makes learning fun but gives you the edge in your career. This is an important reason for choosing the Aram Academy.

learn! smart is great.

education can change the world

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