Project Control and Program Control

Project management is a crucial part of project management, developing and implementing project management strategies, with the aim of creating structure, overview and connection within projects. Program management, which is becoming increasingly relevant with the development of more programs in areas such as mobility and climate adaptation, focuses on achieving goals by programming various projects and initiatives. Both project and program management are aimed at continuously providing relevant management information, which encourages those involved to act in an informed and targeted manner. Important tools here are planning, cost control, resource management, scope management and risk management. These tools help define and coordinate tasks, financial control, efficient use of resources, define and manage goals and deliverables, and identify potential problems. In short, both project and program management are essential for the successful management of projects and programs in the Netherlands. They help monitor all management aspects, keep the project organization on track and contribute to project success.

Project and Program Control is a specialized profession

for several reasons:

  1. Complexity of Projects: Projects and programs are becoming increasingly complex and multi-dimensional. Mastering these projects requires specific knowledge and skills that are not always taught at colleges and universities.
  2. Efficiency and Effectiveness: Good project and program management can lead to more efficient and effective execution of projects, resulting in cost savings and better results.
  3. Risk Management: It allows professionals to identify and manage potential risks, which is crucial to the success of a project or program.
    Strategic Alignment: It ensures better alignment of projects and programs with the strategic objectives of an organization.
  4. Professional Development: It is a profession in itself that requires unique competencies and skills. Studying them can lead to professional growth and career development.

Although some aspects of project and program management may be covered in general management courses, it is often not taught as a specific field in colleges and universities. Therefore, taking specialized courses is often necessary to develop competency in this field.


Possible training programs

Individual courses and training programs represent different forms of education, each with their own characteristics. The crucial distinction between these approaches lies in their purpose and scope. Single courses are stand-alone modules that focus on specific topics or skills. They vary in duration and complexity and are typically taken to gain expertise in a particular area. These courses offer flexibility and can be tailored to individual needs. But what we often notice during software training is that students do not master the theory well. Learning is a peg on which new pieces of knowledge are continually hung. Our courses have a learning sequence that you can think of as a program. We always advise students to take a project planning course before starting a basic Oracle Primavera course. We can provide you with excellent advice in putting together your tailor-made programme.

Project planning program

Risk Management Program

Program Primavera Cloud

Professional Project Control consultants have been trained by the Aram Academy